Previous Audiences

  • National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
  • Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce workshops
  • Salt Lake Community Education
  • Salt Lake Chamber, Women’s Business Center 
  • Writers@Work Conference
  • League of Utah Writers
  • Toastmasters of Utah
  • Women’s Literary Club
  • Entrada Institute, Torrey, Utah
  • Executive Women International (EWI)
  • Utah Training Consortium
  • High School Advanced Placement Students
  • Latina Book Club
  • Radio
  • Blogs

When my first book, The Trading of Ken, was published, I was surprised how many people said, “I’ve always wanted to do that.” They were adults who had years of life experiences with stories and ideas they wanted to share. All they needed was to know how to invite themselves to begin and continue. It became my interest and pleasure to encourage them.

Since then I have been a community school teacher, workshop presenter, panel participant, and speaker. Writing Anatomy eases new and emerging writers into what it means to plan and write a manuscript. Methods can be used for fiction and non-fiction because many of the beginning requirements are the same or overlap. Both need creativity and understanding of classic writing techniques to be clear and make it sparkle. Mixed with audience participation and writing exercises, Writing Anatomy familiarizes participants with inspiration given form.

Blossoms of the Lower Branches, A Hero’s Journey Through Grief  is a personal look at the process of deeply grieving a traumatic death, and how it relates to the classic heroes of mythology, literary icons, fairy tales, and the lives of people around us. From the truth of personal experience, it is an upbeat reframing of the need to grieve and the need to recover to a degree of positive, attainable peace. Recovering from grief and returning to a satisfying productive life is not a loser’s win; it is a classic struggle and transformation of heroic proportions.

Rebecca Guevara Presenter